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"Why not?" More here Asked how he could appeal to centre-ground voters, he said: "Do we want an education service that works for all or works for the few? Do we want a health service that works for everybody or a health service of last resort for those that can't afford to go private? "Do we want an investment strategy that builds railways and broadband communication over the whole of the country. "Do we want a government that actually works for the whole country and reaches out to those places that have been left behind. "It's reaching out to the whole country. That's what we're offering." 'Democratising Labour' Meanwhile, shadow defence secretary Clive Lewis has confirmed that the party is considering allowing both Labour MPs and party members to vote on who should be in the shadow cabinet. Newspaper reports suggested a third of Labour's top team could be elected by the parliamentary party, another third by the party membership, and the final third chosen by the leader. Mr Lewis told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show it was "a genuine idea and something that should be discussed and reviewed". Image caption Clive Lewis rejected the idea Labour had shifted left under Jeremy Corbyn He said he believed the idea would be discussed on Tuesday at a meeting of the party's ruling National Executive Committee. "I think it's about the ideas that are coming out about democratising our party, about allowing members, allowing people, to have a real say in how their representatives represent them and the policies that we have as a party and I think that's good." Mr Corbyn would not be drawn on the details of the plans, saying he wanted a discussion on the issue.

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