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Trump accuses Clinton of colluding with Democrats to defeat Crazy Bernie Sanders

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 25, 2017 Clinton, he charged, had colluded with the Democratic Party to defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Democratic primary race. “Is she allowed to collude? Unfair to Bernie!” Trump tweeted, seemingly defending the senator just characters after calling him “Crazy Bernie Sanders.” The initial responses to the early morning tweet ranged from baffled to indignant. There was a difference, several Twitter users pointed out , between working with one’s own political party and “working with a foreign enemy.” Clearly, you don't know what those words mean. — John de Guzmán (@johndeguzman) June 25, 2017 On Friday and Saturday, Trump turned to Twitter to lash out at Obama administration officials for not taking stronger actions against Russian election meddling — despite for months disputing that such meddling had occurred. He seemed to suggest, without offering proof or explanation, that the Obama administration had withheld action to help Clinton. “Focus on them, not T!” Trump tweeted Saturday, presumably referring to himself.

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government to react to his whims instead — which makes his Twitter feed that much more important to analyze and understand. Analysts can glean information about Trump’s sleep patterns from the time of day or night when he tweets, showing which topics keep him up, his stress level and his state of mind. Twitter also often reveals  what Trump is watching on TV and when, as well as what websites he turns to for news and analysis. Knowing this can be useful for foreign governments when they are planning media events or deciding where to try to seek coverage of their version of world events. Even deleted tweets would be of interest. Trump mostly appears to delete tweets because of spelling errors, later replacing them with a correction. For an intelligence analyst, this would confirm that Trump’s Twitter feed really is a raw insight into his thought process, without much input from aides. Analysts would also be likely to use technology to perform content analysis on the president’s tweets in the aggregate. Intelligence agencies can employ a more robust version than the open-source projects that  news organizations have used, because they can marry Trump’s tweets with information they collect through intercepts and other means.

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