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New York attorney general looking into Eric Trumps foundation

You’ll receive free e-mail news updates each time a new story is published. By David A. Fahrenthold By David A. Fahrenthold June 9 Follow @Fahrenthold Eric Trump in Trump Tower in December. (Evan Vucci/AP) New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is “looking into” a charitable foundation founded by Eric Trump, a spokesman for Schneiderman said, after Forbes magazine raised questions about whether President Trump's son had made misleading statements about how the foundation spent its money. The New York attorney general has jurisdiction over charities in the state, where Eric Trump's foundation is registered. Schneiderman's office would say little about this new inquiry, other than to report that it was at an early stage and could not be considered a formal investigation. “The attorney general's office is looking into issues at the Eric Trump Foundation raised by the Forbes report,” said spokesman Eric Soufer in a written statement. One item at issue, the attorney general's office said, was that the Eric Trump Foundation has rebranded itself “Curetivity” and held a fundraiser under that name. But, after a query from The Washington Post on Friday morning, the attorney general's office said the charity had not officially changed its name with New York charity regulators.

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He added at the time, “History will judge today’s efforts as pivotal.” With Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, the United States is abandoning its role as a global leader in the fight against climate change and instead joining only two other countries not participating in the accord: Syria, which is in mired in civil war, and Nicaragua, which refused to join because its leaders said the Paris deal did not go far enough to combat global warming. [ Only two countries aren’t part of the Paris climate agreement. The U.S. will be the third. ] The Post-ABC poll’s finding that 59 percent oppose leaving the climate deal is similar to 56 percent who opposed such a move in a January Post-ABC poll , though the latest survey finds attitudes split more sharply along political and demographic lines. Opposition is 15 percentage points higher among Americans under age 40 than among seniors ages 65 and older (67 percent vs. 52 percent), and non-white adults are similarly more likely to oppose exiting the climate deal than whites (71 percent vs. 54 percent). One cleavage of support bodes well for Trump and Republicans: Registered voters are twice as likely to approve of Trump’s decision to exit the climate agreement (33 percent vs. 15 percent).

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